54 years of scientific research and technological development ROMVAC

The history of ROMVAC begins during the first months of 1965 when a group of young scientists willing to change and modernize veterinary medicine in Romania with the support of the State Agriculture Department of the Ministry of Agriculture at that time is building a new laboratory at the Institute of veterinary research Pasteur.

The history of Romvac is intrinsically linked to the scientific, technological and material collaboration and support of the various research institutions in the world.

The medical activity of ROMVAC begins with 1965

Collaboration with human medicine specialists began with the production of chicken embryo fibroblast cultures and the initiation of Rous sarcoma virus study. At the same time, studies have been carried out to verify the effectiveness of ultraviolet rays emitted to viruses. Rous sarcoma virus was taken as a model, and experiments were performed on SPF chickens from HPRS, England.

The news that the Avian Tumor Virus Laboratory holds SPF birds drew the attention of State Control Laboratories, Bucharest Oncological Institute and Virology Institute Ştefan S. Nicolau. In the case of the latter, he worked directly with Professor Nicolae Cajal, but also with A. Petrescu, a virologist, who at that time made an influenza vaccine for intranasal administration. Between 1967 and 1972, the Avian Leukosis Laboratory, numerous series of influenza vaccines were made, the viral suspension processing phases being produced at the Institute of Virology.

Since 1971, a group of specialists has been meeting regularly to discuss what’s new in medical news, both veterinary and human. This group was formed on the initiative of Professor O. Costachel, the director of the Oncological Institute, located on 1 May Boulevard in Bucharest at that time.

This group included Prof. Chiricuţă from the Oncological Hospital in Cluj, named after him, Professor Nicolae Cajal at that time Director of the Virology Institute Ştefan S. Niciolau, Professor S. Berceanul, Head of the Hematology Clinic at Fundeni Hospital and the Veterinarian Patrascu IV, director of LVTA, initially at Calea Giulesti no. 133 and later in Voluntari on the Ring Road. Some of these meetings included Professor Nicolae Stamatin, head of the Department of Microbiology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest.