What are the products of the Immunoinstant range?

They are food supplements and products for local applications rich in immunoglobulins (mono specific / poly specific) extracted from the yolk of hyperimmune eggs from chickens immunized with pathogenic microorganisms for humans, isolated from patients in Romanian hospitals.

What is the role of the products from the Immunoinstant range?

It acts specifically against infections caused by antibiotic-resistant microorganisms, helping to stimulate the immune system’s response and maintain the well-being of the whole body.

Why use the products from the Imunoinstant range?

Due to the excessive and incorrect use of antibiotics in human parthenogenesis, the number of microorganisms resistant to these drugs has increased alarmingly. Thus, the need arose to develop an alternative methodology for treating infections caused by these microorganisms.
The specific immunoglobulins in the Imunoinstant product range can be used as an adjunct in the specific treatment of bacterial and viral infections, including microbial strains that are resistant to antibiotics.

Who are the products from the Imunoinstant addressed  to?

These natural products are aimed at all age groups, except people with a potential for allergies to egg proteins. The products can be used by people of all ages (children, adults, geriatrics), generally with a weakened immune system (diabetes, chronic diseases, etc.), especially in case of exposure to a challenging situation, given by infections, with one of pathogens against which in the hyper immune egg, there are specific immunoglobulins Y.
The products target particularly people over the age of 65 who are experiencing the phenomenon of immunosuppression (weakening of the immune system).
The products are also addressed to people who make an intense effort (athletes, military, etc.), being suitable for an alert and healthy lifestyle.