Psoriasis, incurable or not?!

Psoriasis, at the healing border!

Psoriasis is an immune system disease considered incurable. However, scientists from Romvac, using the Hiperimun PC2 egg and IMUNOINSTANT products, have found through their own studies that they can give hope to those affected by this disease.

Thus, it has been observed that in patients with severe forms of illness, administration of these products can improve the health status, greatly reducing the symptoms of psoriasis.

Fighting Psoriasis requires a strained effort!

Fighting with the disease requires the patient, an effort sustained by step-by-step compliance with the IMUNOINSTANT product administration program, as recommended by the therapist.

In this case, especially, patients who have psoriasis for years or even decades are targeted.

Skin needs to be restored! In the organism, many changes at cellular and humoral level will occur during the administration of the products, which will restore the normal functioning of both the immune system and the skin structures.

Psoriasis, the well-known treatments and the reality!

Current recommendations on the local and general treatment of psoriasis are based on arguments that have no scientific explanation. Currently, the treatment of psoriasis is based on the severity of clinical expression.

It is not taken into account that psoriasis is a disease of the entire organism and that all patients should be treated with similar methods and means, regardless of localization or clinical expression. Thus, we consider being welcomed a unitary approach for all patients affected by psoriasis, whether psoriatic arthritis, nail injuries or other parts of the body or various other disease states attributed to psoriasis. All of these should be treated unitarily, using both general and local treatment.

Typically, treatments for moderate to severe forms of the disease include systemic drugs such as methotrexate, cyclosporine, acitretin, and recent, those of biological origin.

In the last decade, biologic medicines have become the gold standard for the treatment of psoriasis from moderate to severe. Treatments with this type of medicine are recommended for patients who have not responded to or have contraindications to traditional treatments. Biological anti-TNF-alpha drugs are an option for remission treatment in a high percentage of patients. This class of biological agents is currently the most widely used in the world for the treatment of psoriasis, but also for the treatment of other chronic inflammatory diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Biologically approved anti-TNF-alpha drugs for the treatment of psoriasis include Infliximab (a murine human-murine chimeric IgG1 antibody), Adalimumab (a human monoclonal antibody) and Etanercept (a p75 fusion protein of tumor necrosis factor fragment Fc). Despite the efficacy of these drugs, demonstrated in randomized and observational controlled clinical trials, a considerable proportion of patients lose their therapeutic response. Only 75-85% of patients treated over a long period of time make a substantial improvement in the initial severity of the disease.

 Romvac approach on psoriasis!

Romvac’s researchers perceive psoriasis as a disease of the entire body and recommend the oral and local IMUNOINSTANT products irrespective of the age of the disease, the form of clinical expression and its severity.

While there are a significant number of contraindications, side effects and adverse reactions for medicines of biological origin, and products are administered parenterally for a long time, IMUNOINSTANT products have contraindications only for persons allergic to egg. Ordinarily, patients are advised to take oral Imunoinstant liquid and Imunoinstant G powder in combination with local applications of ointments, creams, suspensions, gels or sprays as recommended by the therapist.

One of the first reactions reported by patients after Imunoinstant products is the disappearance of pruritus. Other complex skin reactions, such as a tingling or tangled skin, have been reported.

2015, the beginning of the end for  Psoriasis!

At the end of 2015, we recorded the first favorable results in psoriasis therapy! Many patients using IMUNOINSTANT and Hiperimun Egg products feel good and make remarkable health progress and fight this disease.

We can consider 2015, when a new era of fight against psoriasis was started, namely the biological products of the IMUNOINSTANT range.

It is recommended that administration of the products recommended by Romvac specialists using modern immunoglobulins and proteins to be associated with a psychiatric treatment. There must be a permanent concern for encouraging the patient and raising self-confidence in the fight against the disease. In his support family, society and the treating physician must get involved.